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Have you ever been trawling through the home listings for a certain area and come across a house that seems incongruously low priced compared to its contemporaries?

Even after a viewing or survey you can’t seem to find a reason why the property is such a bargain, and yet the great deal doesn’t quite sit right?

One possibility is you are looking at a “tainted home”.

“What’s a tainted home?” We hear you ask. A tainted home is a property whose history is connected to something unpleasant that is common knowledge and part of the local consciousness.

How Does the Past Affect Property Marketing?

Homes can be tainted in a range of ways:

  • Because they were the scene of a crime
  • Because someone unpleasant once called them home
  • Because the people who lived there before were victims of something particularly unpleasant.

Often unpleasant events and people will mark the local consciousness, causing people to steer clear of properties out of an irrational fear of being effected by the events of the past.

Tips for Selling Houses with a Bad History

However, tainted homes can make great bargains, and for those willing to take the plunge can also mean good profits. If you own, or are thinking of investing in a house or flat that could be considered tainted consider some of the following tips to make the most of your investment.

  • Play the waiting game – with time memory of the events in the home will fade and the “taint” attached to the home will do the same.
  • Gut and remodel – one of the best ways to shake off the past is by changing a home’s appearance. Consider stripping the home back as far as you can afford and starting again, making it unrecognisable to anyone who might otherwise be put off.
  • Create a “new” history – we are not talking about lying about the home’s past – but if you can spend time in the home and create your own happy memories (complete with photos which you can then display prominently at  viewings!) you may be able to influence local opinion.