Spring is on the Way – Time for Sellers to Clean and Declutter!

As we enter March, the official start of spring is less than three weeks away, and while the coming season is the traditional time for cleaning and refreshing a home, those in the middle of the property marketing process and people planning to sell their homes soon will need to get a head start if they want to secure a sale.

The spring is traditionally a great time of year for property marketing, as people look to find their next home in advance of the summer which is recognised as a favourite time for moves. So vendors and those about to enter the market should use these last weeks of winter as an excuse to deep clean and declutter their homes in readiness for the viewings they hope spring will bring.

Pristine Homes Best for Property Marketing Purposes

While every buyer knows you have to live in your home, they really don’t want to be confronted with evidence of it when they are attempting to visualise themselves in situ. One way of ensuring they don’t receive any rude awakenings is keeping the place pristine.

Some sellers may wish to consider employing the services of a professional cleaning company to carry out a deep clean and even ongoing maintenance, but if this is beyond the budget, now is the time to get stuck in and tackle all those tasks that you might otherwise ignore.

Cut Out the Clutter

Before the “spring surge” has you welcoming people into your home for showings, make sure you dump the junk. Clean out cupboards, pre-pack unnecessary items and don’t assume that just because it isn’t immediately visible househunters won’t see it – viewers have a habit of checking out “storage space” and don’t want to be confronted by hidden hoards when they do!

Preen Your Place for Property Photography

If you are planning to place your home in the hands of an agent this spring – now is a great time to prepare for the necessary property photography. Follow the advice above and think about staging your spaces to get the most out of your upcoming shoot