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Something for the Weekend – Diamond Jubilee Style

As UK this week marked the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne and began to look forward to a year of Diamond Jubilee celebrations, we thought it was time to take a look at some lovely home-style blogs that have drawn their inspiration from all things British and Diamond Jubilee.

Strong design themes for 2012 include the royal colour purple and Union Jack motifs – both of which can be made as subtle or in-your-face as the homeowner desires.

If you  want to dress up your home in advance of property marketing or property photography (after all 2012 is apparently the year we bid farewell to magnolia!) and are looking for a bit of Jubilee inspiration, then check out these great blogs for some super style ideas.

Best of British – Some Great Examples of UK Inspired Interiors 

Union Jack Style – Jodie Carter designs checks out interior uses for the iconic union flag –associated with everything from our music to our monarchy. Superb interiors photography showcases stylish sofas and rag rugs, all featuring this familiar design.

Accessorising Interiors Jubilee Style – Stacey Sheppard checks out Jan Constantine’s exciting Diamond Jubilee Collection. Pieces include fabric bunting and patriotic scatter cushions.

Made in UK – Olivia Grayson explores the beauty of all things British, showing UK inspired interiors at their very best. Features interiors photography highlighting the best of Blighty.

Game of Thrones – Moregeous looks at key pieces with a Jubilee twist – from plush purple pieces to Royal Mail rugs.

Flying the Flag – Winter McDermott look at subtle jubilee style – and offer some tips on best practice for incorporation the UK insignia into any interiors. See the pieces on their own, or check out the interior photography to learn how they can be incorporated into an environment.