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Something for the Weekend  – All About Americana

As we approach the 4th of July tomorrow our neighbours across the pond will be busy celebrating their independence. As they do, we here at Photoplan are reminded of all the exciting inspiration we have drawn from the States over the years in style terms. From sleek retro lines to classic “apple pie” accents or rooms with a warm western welcome – America has much to offer to the world of interiors.

So in the spirit of celebration, Something for the Weekend is taking a look at some excellent examples of Americana. From subtle stateside styling to all out stars and stripes, these American inspired spaces serve only fuel our fondness for our transatlantic friends:

  • Using Accents for Americana Fabric Shopper looks at how to create that US-inspired interior using carefully selected accents. Excellent advice on how to avoid overpowering areas when aiming for Americana.
  • Celebrating Classic American Style – Nichole Staker offers some classic US style interiors inspiration. Mixing carefully chosen retro and vintage pieces with timeless décor for a great all American effect.
  • America, America! – Roost presents this eclectic online mood board offering real Americana inspiration. Ideal starting point for your US inspired projects.
  • Stateside Sleek – You Have Been Here Sometime looks at Modern Americana and its impact on interiors. A distillation of ideas for those seeking some US-inspired style.
  • Obvious and Less Obvious Americana – Not Just a Housewife explores the different approaches to using Americana in interiors.
  • Styling with Stars and Stripes – Conspicuous Style looks at some truly unapologetic Americana with some superb interior photography showing the red, white and blue results.
  • Yankee Doodle Dandy! – Flag day mood board from Acanthus and Acrorn. A collection of patriotic  pieces and American inspired interiors.
  • Understated Americana – Example of subtle styling with a stateside feel. An understated approach to US-style styling from Curbly.
  • Red, White and Blue-tiful! – Bold statement style from Apartments I Like. Focussing on using colour to achieve an Americana interior.
  • American Rustic –  This mood board explores cultural nods and a focus on the functional to create and authentic US interior. Great ideas from All American Vintage.