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Social Media Property Marketing Reaches All Ages

Estate agents cannot afford to be complacent about the importance of the internet in their property marketing strategy – no matter what audience they are attempting to reach.

While the use of sites such as Facebook and Twitter is often assumed by the uninitiated to be a habit of school-age and student generations, figures show that social networking use among internet using adults aged 50 to 64 rose by 88% in the last year – meaning that agents who neglect these sites as an advertising avenue are missing the chance to connect with an audience of all ages.

UK Users Lead Europe in Commercial Connections

In March of this year, Twitter revealed that an average of 460,000 new accounts were created every day – hinting at the level of uptake across the board, while figures from digital marketing gurus Smart Insights reveal that UK users lead Europe in using their social media profiles to friend and follow companies and brands with more than one in three keeping up to date with their favourite companies in this way.

Engaging Online Presence Essential for Estate Agents

For estate agents looking to cash in on the social media phenomenon, creating an engaging online presence is one of the smartest ways to target interested parties and potential purchasers. Using social networking in addition to more traditional means of property marketing can help to place promotional material such as property photography and 360 virtual tours directly under the noses of house hunters.

However, social media marketing must be carefully managed in order to engage the online audience and add credibility to a brand, since slapdash approaches and untended profiles can lead to a loss of consumer confidence – property marketing professionals who are not confident with their own social media skills may wish to employ a professional networking service in order to strike the right note.