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Social Media Property Marketing – Essentials, Extras and Innovations

Let’s face it, social media is here to stay – and those who refuse to accept this and adopt an appropriate business approach are likely to fall far behind the competition.

This powerful online force can be a huge help to property marketing efforts if correctly harnessed – but to do this estate agents must have an understanding of the tools available to help them sell homes.

As we head into a new year, we thought the time was ripe for a roundup of all the best social media marketing methods available to those in the property marketing profession – from the most basic must-haves to emerging technologies offering estate agents an edge.

One Click Sharing – A Property Marketing Must

A quick flick through the sites of niche and independent property marketing companies reveals a surprising number of websites that are lacking in this social media marketing standard.

One click sharing allows users to post your pages to their social media profiles on sites such as Facebook and Twitter at the touch of a button. This helps to highlight not only the properties on agents’ books, but also the property marketing professionals themselves.

Any property marketing firm whose website lacks this simple social media tool is instantly advertising themselves as behind the times – a statement that could easily impact on consumer confidence.

YouTube Channels – Added Value for Your Online Audience

Property marketing professionals without their own YouTube channel are missing a real trick when it comes to selling both their company and their clients’ properties. A YouTube channel opens a wide range of opportunities for social media property marketing and online interaction.

At the most basic level video sharing sites offer estate agents opportunity to upload virtual tours and videoettes of homes for sale, while the more social media savvy will want to expand their offering to include additions such as area guides, and interactive blogs to help engage the online audience.

QR Codes – Easy Access to Property Marketing Materials

QR codes can be used as a key to online interaction, paving the way for smooth transitions to social media marketing.

These square monochrome images can be incorporated into a rage of marketing materials from For Sale signs to printed advertisements and need simply to be scanned with a smartphone for the user to access a wide range of online information from descriptions, to property photography and floorplans and energy performance certificates.

QR codes also offer a range of additional benefits from a reduction in the need for hard copy property marketing materials to the creation of more lasting connections with those who might otherwise be considered a casual consumer.