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Social Media Marketing Tips for Estate Agents

Last week, with the help of the clever folks at ActiveRain, we took a look at the business habits of successful property marketing professionals. Unsurprisingly, one of the areas that emerged as being massively important was that of social media. The results of the survey showed that estate agents who had good social media management in place were more likely to be earning (and therefore selling) more.

Social media property marketing is a big weapon in the estate agents’ arsenal – but as with all powerful media tools, it can only work well if properly deployed. Indeed, a poorly managed online presence or untended social media profile can be completely counterproductive since savvy consumers are in the habit of researching property marketing professionals online before committing to a client relationship.

With this in mind we decided to put together a little resource for any agents who are struggling with their own social media management – and so have trawled the web for some great advice and tips on how social media sites can be best used to help sell homes. Check out these great posts from property marketing professionals in the know for hints on how to sell property using social media posts.

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