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Should You Market Your Home to the Masses or Opt for Niche Appeal?

Yesterday we looked at the five main types of buyers who might be interested in purchasing your property, what they might be looking for and what property marketing ploys might appeal.

But with so many diverse buyers out there searching for homes, vendors face a new dilemma – should they tailor their property marketing efforts to a certain niche or opt for a broader appeal?

Most homeowners can probably look at their home and hazard a guess at the buyer sector most likely to show an interest, from first time buyers to investors or even downsizers.

Sellers Must Avoid Emotional Involvement in Property Marketing

But, while homeowners may be tempted to dress and market their home to attract a certain sort of buyer they are best advised to seek the advice of their property marketing professional in advance of making any big decisions or changes.

This is because sellers are often involved with their homes on a emotional level and may be tempted to subconsciously market the property to the kind of people they would prefer to see living there – rather than  upping its appeal to the sector of the market most likely to invest in their kind of home.

Property Marketing Materials Must be Perfectly Pitched

In the same way that home stagers recommend achieving a level of neutrality in order to avoid putting off potential purchasers, so property marketing must be carefully pitched in order not to alienate – even when sellers are aware of the market sector they are attempting to attract.