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Most estate agents understand how important it is to have a presence on popular networks such as Twitter and Facebook, and using these social property marketing tips will help businesses make the most of this important marketing media.

With social media sites such as Google+ feeding data directly into search algorithms, and a quarter of all minutes online spent on sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest it is massively important that property professionals understand how to leverage social media marketing for the benefit of their business.

It is not enough to simple set up a profile in order to maintain a presence, social networks need to be just that – SOCIAL. So, with this in mind we’ve put together a selection of social media property marketing tips, to help estate agents improve their online performance.

Social Media Profiles for Estate Agents

A social media presence needs to be carefully planned and managed if it is to be a success, and this starts with the creation of online profiles for your property sales business. Follow a few simple rules to ensure that your online identity is enhancing your agency image:

-Use professional imagery for cover pictures and profile photos – ensure that your logo is clearly displayed.

-Pay close attention to your profile descriptions or about pages – make sure that these are packed with relevant information that will bring in and retain an audience that can have a real impact on your business performance. You may want to do some keyword research and look at the search terms your audience are using to ensure that your profiles will be shown in response to their searches – if you are usure how to go about this, consider asking an SEO copywriter to take on the task for you.

-Fill profile and use functions – while it IS possible to get started on social media without filling in all the of requested information, don’t skip these steps. Make sure your info is all present and correct to ensure your social property marketing will have an impact. Ensure that you have opted in to features such as check in on Facebook to allow your social media savvy clients to use the platforms to share their interactions with your agency with their own friends.

How Can Estate Agents Boost Their Online Audience?

Bringing in an audience is a hugely important part of social property marketing, as you need a core of loyal fans and followers to see, share and react to your content.

If you have created new profiles for your agency then DO shout it from the rooftops! The following practices can help build the audience:

-Email your client list with links to your profiles and an encouragement to engage – you might consider creating an online offer and teasing it in your mailshot, saying details can be found through your profiles.

-Add the web addresses of your social media profiles to stationary and business cards, ask employees to verbally plug the profiles when talking to existing and potential clients.

-Use links to SM profiles on hard copy advertising such as For Sale signs and print ads – QR coding can help smart phone users access you online even more easily.

 Social Property Marketing Practice

Once your profiles are fully populated you want to make sure that those who like and follow you are engaged, which means following a social property marketing content strategy.

-Remember that while you are marketing something, you don’t always have to be selling. Ian Watson of Business2Community recommends an 80/20 split between news and sales content for social property marketing  – to ensure the audience perceives your profiles as valuable and informative and not spammy.

-Quality is key – if an image or link is not 100% in keeping with your company ethos, it should not appear on your profile. Don’t be lazy, search out or create quality social property marketing content to share online. People love stunning property photography and unique homes for sale – so build some posts around these areas.

Create Your Own Social Media Success

With a little planning and attention to detail, social property marketing can become a key part of an estate agents online identity – which in turn can translate to success offline as well.

Home selling agencies who are unsure about social media property marketing may wish to consider outside social media management in order to take advantage of this great, free property marketing tool.

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