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Estate agents should be seeing successes in the current market, as long as they are correctly pitching their properties – one UK estate agent has claimed.

Andrew Mortimer of Mortimer and Gausden told reporters that achieving results in the industry at the moment should not be beyond the reach of property marketing pros who know their local market and can apply their industry understanding.

Estate Agent Claims Selling Houses is Easy

Speaking in the Bury Free Press the estate agent, whose own firm has seen a 92% year on year increase in sales over the past six weeks, said: “I think most estate agents would agree that selling properties at the moment is relatively straight forward.”

He added that, in order to benefit from the current trend agents would need to pay attention to key points such as:

  • Price Point
  • Target Market

The agent is so confident that the turnover will continue that his firm has launched a four week challenge where they ask sellers to entrust them with a sole agency contract for just 28 days – a move they hope will bring more properties onto the market in their local area.

Buyers Waiting for Properties

“The main difficulty is finding enough properties to sell to waiting buyers,” Mr Mortimer explained.

His business partner Ian Gaudsen added: “This gives potential vendors the opportunity to test the market and indeed our services without a long term commitment.”