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Sellers Can’t Afford Emotions! Property Marketing Truths for Tough Times!

It’s a buyer’s market out there folks, and so when it comes to property marketing, vendors need to be uber-practical.

While selling a home and moving on can be stressful and upsetting, sellers simply cannot afford for their decision-making process to be driven by emotion.

According to one recent article by a property marketing expert: “Buyers are emotional, sellers shouldn’t be!”

Abandon Emotions as You Enter the Estate Agents

This means that vendors need to leave their emotional attachment to their property at the door as they enter the estate agents office – because taking the sale process too personally will only end up in lost opportunities.

Sellers need to remember that they are moving on and to set their sights on the future – no matter how much time or energy has been invested in their current home.

How to Detach for Property Marketing Purposes

In order to ensure to reduce emotional involvement during the property marketing process sellers should depersonalise their home at the start of the process. Steps that can help achieve this include:

  • Redecorating in a neutral palette – removing personal colour choices helps buyers superimpose their own taste, but also removes the sting from any criticism during home tours.
  • Pre-packing and decluttering – remove all unnecessary personal items. Not only does this free up space at showings, it also helps sellers to start the moving process and begins to break the bond with the home.
  •  Leave it to the professionals – if you can, arrange for your chosen property marketing firm to show the home on your behalf – this can prevent any buyer reactions or comments from being taken too personally.