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The double dip means that many are tightening their belts and looking to make savings wherever possible – a situation that has inevitably led to an upsurge in the number of property owners choosing to market their own homes rather than commit to an expensive estate agent’s commission.

In recent years we have seen more and more self-selling sites appearing on the web, all offering owners the opportunity to push their own property online.

Property Presentation is Important for Self Sellers

But homeowners need to ensure that their economising is not damaging their chance of a sale, since cutting corners when it comes to the presentation of your property could be costing you interest, viewings and ultimately money off your asking price.

It’s a universally recognised fact that photos are the hook that pulls in the interest of online house hunters, so self-sellers should consider investing in a professional property photographer to capture the shots that will represent their home for sale online.

Professional Home Photography Pushes Up Prices

While employing a professional photographer to shoot interiors and exteriors will obviously involve an initial layout, sellers can be confident that they will reap the rewards of their actions – as surveys show that great property photography not only attracts more interest in the early stages, but can also be instrumental in pushing up the prices eventually achieved.