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Samsung Gadgets to Incorporate 360 Virtual Tours Tech

Samsung gadget users are to be offered easy access to 360 Virtual Tours technology after it was announced that the devices are to be sold pre-loaded with Sphere.

Allowing users to both shoot and view 360° views of their surroundings, Sphere enabled Samsung gadgets will allow users to experience being anywhere, wherever they are.

Easy Access 360 Virtual Tour Technology

Starting now, Sphere 360 virtual tour technology will be loaded onto a wide range of gadgets and mobile devices bearing the Samsung name, including smart phones, tablets and cameras and accessing the pre-installed app will be as easy as tapping an icon and signing in

The launch of pre-installed Sphere: Samsung edition, will begin with a rollout of the Sphere enabled Galaxy NX camera, starting this week.

Hi-Spec Camera to Incorporate Sphere

The camera will feature always-connected built in 3G/4G LTE and wifi, Android OS (4.2.2), 4.8inch 720p IPS touch screen LCD, 20.3 megapixel APS0-C sensor sans mirror, 1/6000th of second exposure and will also  give users the ability to shoot their own 360 Virtual Tours through 13 interchangeable lens, opening up the world of virtual visits and viewings even further.

Aside from the obvious property and product marketing applications that Sphere makes possible, users will be able to create truly immersive experiences to share even more o their lives with friends and family.

Virtual Tours Help Travelers Tell Their Tales

Sphere enabled gadgets will help travelers relive and recount tales of their world tours and allow relatives unable to attend family events to really experience what it was like on the day.

The pre-loading of Sphere onto millions of Samsung gadgets will open up access to this virtual tour technology beyond the realms of professional photographers and marketers, making it part of the average man on the streets image-creation arsenal.

Democratising 360° Content

Sphere founder an CEO Charles Armstrong expressed his delight at the opportunity to widen access to the virtual tour technology and explained the thinking behind the new partnership.

He said: “We are delighted that Samsung has joined us in our mission to democratize 360° content publishing. Through this partnership, millions of people are gaining the abilities to record, view and share “spheres” through their favourite smart phones, cameras and tables.”

Consumers Shun Static Image Capture

The move comes as more and more people shun traditional static image capture techniques in favour of immersive imagery, which allow them to share their travels and experiences with others in a way that creates an even deeper connection – something which is even more important in this era of social media.

Speaking about Sphere, Lory Gil of iDownloadBlog said: “The best part about this photography app is the beautiful “Spheres” that you can view. Not only do you get to see a panorama of everything around you, but also many of the Spheres feature 360-degree viewing, so you can see the painted ceiling above and the tiled floor below.”

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