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Rental Property Marketing Requires Certain Skill Set

Property owners looking to rent their homes are being advised to think carefully before they entrust the letting process to a property marketing professional – following a rise in the number of agencies claiming to offer a specialised lettings service following the market downturns of the last few years.

Veteran Landlord Lifts Lid on Lettings

In a recent blog on the landlord and property professional website Property118.com, investor and landlord Mark Trentfield expressed his concern at the number of property marketing firms that had previously specialised in sales that are now offering a letting service.

The industry veteran explained that selling houses and renting houses were two completely different branches of the property marketing industry – each of which requires its own special skillset.

He explained that a newly opened “lettings department” in an existing agency may be leant a veneer of credibility by the home sales side of thing – but that without the necessary knowledge and qualifications these supposed property marketing pros could end up getting in hot water.

He said: “Letting a property… requires a very different skill set to selling a property to a purchaser.”

Letting Agents Need to Negotiate

The experienced industry insider explained that landlords needed to be sure that an agent could not only “sell” the property to potential tenants, but would also be able to ensure the continued smooth running of the tenancy – ensuring rent was collected on time and both owner and occupier remained happy with the state of the home.

“The letting agent will need to have strong but tactful negotiation skills,” he added.