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Rental Initiatives Target Social Media Generation

As more and more young professionals take the decision to steer clear of the property market, landlords are taking their property marketing online, using social media to target the new generation of lifestyle renters.

With many potential homebuyers frozen out of the market by lack of suitable mortgages or the inability to put together the necessary deposit, industry pundits predict that the British love affair with home ownership may be coming to an end.

Social Media Property Marketing Platform

As a result of this, forward thinking landlords are creating more dedicated rental stock, and using the places where these people (dubbed the ‘Rentysomethings’) gather online – a range of social media sites – as the platform for their property marketing.

Where in the past young renters may have turned to agencies or print ads to search out their rented pads, now initiatives such as Fizzy Living are taking the marketing to the market using Facebook and Twitter to connect with would-be tenants.

Switched on Landlords are “Reinventing Renting”

The company, which claims to be “reinventing renting” plan to use social media platforms as their main source of property marketing as they build and expand their portfolio of affordable, dependable rental homes in and around the capital.

The shift is following the lead of the landlords own target audience, workers aged between 25 and 35 who are already used to using the familiar format to seek homes, housemates and more – whether through organised apps such as market place or as informal interactions with friends and contacts – helping them to live up to their billing as the “lifestyle choice for the Facebook generation.”