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Redecorating Your Home to Sell? Three Colours is All You Need!

We all know how important it is that homes are freshened up and made to look appealing in advance of property marketing materials being prepared, and according to one expert picking a palette is easier than you might think – with three colours being the key to creating an enticing effect for potential purchasers.

Limit Your Palette for Perfect Property Marketing

According to professional home stager Lynn Pick, limiting your decorating palette to three complimentary colours is the best way to create the perfect look for property marketing.

In keeping with the current thinking that sweeping magnolia paint jobs have had their day, Ms Pick, who trained with TV “House Doctor” Ann Maurice, advises vendors not to over-neutralise their interiors which can result in a bland and uninspiring effect.

Trio of Complimentary Colours Adds Interest

Instead the colour savvy consultant, who specialises in preparing homes for property marketing, recommends selecting a trio of shades which will feature throughout a home to add interest without creating a distraction.

In an interview with the Nottingham Post, Ms Pick said: “It feels so much calmer in a house where colours flow smoothly from one room to another. Don’t mix warm and cold colour schemes together, and don’t try to change to an entirely new colour scheme, or everything will need replacing – just look at the colours that already exist, choose three that blend nicely, and remove all other colours from sight.”