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Realtor.com Offers Free Open House Property Marketing Tools

US property marketing professionals are being offered access to free tools to help with the start of the big spring home selling season.

Property marketing website Realtor.com is offering agents the opportunity to access a set of two tolls designed to help them capitalise on open house events.

Enhanced Online Property Promotion

The promotion, which has been timed to coincide with the nationwide Open House initiative on April 28th and 29th, includes access to enhanced online promotion for open houses through the site and the use of a tool to create and offer instant access to property marketing materials online.

The tool allows agents to create online home specific fact sheets and mobile property microsites before creating a QR code to direct interested parties straight to these instant access property marketing materials.

Agents offering open houses will be able to promote the codes to visitors who may wish to revisit the property photography and home information, or can use the codes in advance to create a larger audience for their event.

App to Help Agents Collect and Collate Leads 

The Realtor.com site is also offering an app to help property marketing professionals collate and follow up leads created by the open house events, free with a market snapshot purchase.

A spokesman for the company said: “Realtor.com is providing a full set of open house tools that can help you hold an effective open house that is designed for conversion. These solutions are easy to use and they’ll […] help convert your walk ins into clients.”