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RealLead Technology to Speed Up Property Marketing Process

A startup company in the US is using mobile technology to allow for quicker connections between buyers and agents, it was reported this week.

RealLead is a new company that will offer property marketing professionals a chance to connect with buyers who express an interest in homes for sale.

Property Marketing Package Combines Mobile Technologies

The RealLead package combine QR coding with other mobile technologies to ensure that as many potential purchasers as possible are able to access the service.

Selling agents who opt to use the service will be supplied with a “sign rider” comprising a QR code and telephone numbers to call or text for more info.

In return for having their questions answered, the interested parties will be asked to supply basic contact information, which will then be sent immediately to the agent, who can decide to follow up the lead, or pass and allow it to be sold on to others in the industry.

Social Media Marketing Offered as Standard

RealLead users will also be provided with social media marketing campaigns from properties in the programme, meaning that all non-traditional marketing bases will be covered by one product.

Property Marketing firm owner Matt Powell, who was involved in the beta testing of the technology said: “It creates a sense of urgency for the agent, so if that agent can’t or doesn’t want to respond to that, then someone else will.”