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QR Codes – Debate Over Validity of Property Marketing Tool

For the Google generation, everything is about instant access. We see something, we want to know more, we need an immediate information fix – a theory that applies to all areas, property marketing included.

One of the tools currently on offer to ensure property marketing materials can be accessed with ease is QR codes, which can be added to print advertising and For Sale signs to allow for fast information transfers via smart phones.

In the past we have reported how QR coding benefits property marketing efforts, helping secure leads from buyers on the go and those keen to circumvent wasteful hard copy brochures and information.

But now some people in sales are questioning whether the public (including property buyers) are totally on board with the idea.

Is QR Coding Connecting with the Consumer?

In a recent article for Mashable, marketing mogul Jon Barocas claimed that QR coding was failing to connect with the consumer – with only 5% of Americans having ever scanned a QR code.

Mr Barocas explained that users preferred a more relatable way of accessing information – including using Mobile Visual Search (MVS) tools such as Google Goggles, which allow users to scan recognisable images and search for related results.

He explained that there was a level of distrust for the technology, which has been exploited by scammers in the past to hijack mobiles, and added that the sanitised image of the code itself failed to fire the user’s imagination sufficiently to prompt action.

Online Property Marketing Alternatives “Hit and Miss”

But what does this mean for QR coding for property marketing? Certainly MVS technologies can be hit and miss when it comes to pinning down specific information – scanning an agent’s logo using these tools may deliver leads to the property marketing site, but they will still be forced to search for the property in question, while QR coding will remain unique to the home for sale.

So, while QR codes may be a lesser used tool in the wider market, anything that offers potential buyers a direct route to property photography, details, floorplans and more is an invaluable part of the home selling armoury that estate agents ignore at their own expense.