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An attempt to create an innovative property video for an exclusive London development caused an outcry on the internet for evoking cult classic American Psycho.

The video, created for property developer Redrow and released at the beginning of this year, echoes scenes from the film, which follows wealthy investment banker Patrick Bateman at the peak of his success during the Wall Street boom of the late eighties, as he descends into a world of meaningless depravity.

Promotional Property Video Emulates Films Aspirational Aspects

In what appears to have been an attempt to emulate the aspirational aspects of the Bateman lifestyle, the promotional property video, draws heavy influence from the opening scenes of the film – with music and voiceover calling to mind the critically acclaimed performance from Christian Bale.

The slickly shot professional property video shows what appear to be flashbacks of a young city type facing the daily grind of London life, from a sweaty commute to late nights alone in the office and the ensuing arguments with loved ones, before brining viewers into a present where the protagonist has received his seemingly just reward – a massive apartment in a swanky block with a classy marble atrium, kitted out with all the latest and greatest mod cons .

Web Video for Property Marketing Met with Online Criticism

However it appears that the property marketing team may have misjudged their audience with this one, since the release of the web video was met with a storm of criticism from web users disturbed not only by the film association, but also by the implications of holding up the eighties yuppie idyll As something to once again be aspired to.

The video, which features lifestyle marketing product placement of a selection of aspirational fittings and furniture, ends with the line “Yes, they say nothing comes easy, but if it was easy, then it wouldn’t feel as good. To look out at the city that could have swallowed you whole and say ‘I did this’. To stand, with the world at your feet.”

Property Clip Portrayed “Bleak” Message

Viewers took to Twitter to express their surprise at the choice of inspiration the property marketing firm had chosen for this London property video advert, with many expressing concern over the bleak message they perceived in the material.

After viewing the property video clip, Twitter user @Sianushka shared the link and added: “This ad for flats – neo liberalist capitalist dystopic future present nightmare!!” While architect Sam Jacob was moved to grab the images and create a mock up of the ad, complete with American Psycho soundbites.

Speaking about it afterwards, he told The Guardian: “It plunges us back into the ultimate yuppie fantasy – the fact that the individual only exists in relation to the brands that they own, the things that they’ve bought.”

Marketing Firm Pulls London Property Video Advert

The controversial property video was deleted shortly after its release last month and a representative of the property marketing firm behind it told news site Digital Spy: “We tried to do something a bit new and different from the typical property videos out there, but we accept that maybe we didn’t get it quite right with this one!”