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This month we have been looking forward and wondering what 2013 will hold for those involved in the property buying and selling process.

We’ve been consulting our spirit guide* for the inside track on what the year will be offering in terms of property marketing experiences and today we bring you our third 2013 property prediction:

3: You will want to run screaming from at least one house that you look at!

This is how it will go, clicking through the myriad of internet listings of homes for sale and online property brochures you will spot a home that seems like it might fit the bill. You’ll ring your agent, and arrange a viewing – and soon enough will wish you hadn’t.

Contenders for why this will happen include:

However, while we are great believers in letting your instinct have some input when it comes to choosing a property to purchase, you might want to think twice before discounting a previously appealing property on these grounds.

Remember – smells can be eradicated, homes can be cleaned and those living there at present will be gone once you get the keys in your hand! Also, if you are put off by any of these experiences, the likelihood is they will also affect the impressions of other buyers – meaning the property might be unpopular and allowing you to bag a bargain!

Just something to think about before you head out to view those homes!


*This is a fib, we don’t really have a spirit guide – we are just making this stuff up to make a point!