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Ever considered the thought processes that go into a purchase? What is it that ticks that final mental box in your brain and gives your hand the ok to reach for the chequebook? Big brands know what it is, and that is why we buy.

Which is why real estate website Inman has this month been encouraging home sellers to consider their property’s brand when they bring it to market – with professional property photography being a key part of the process.

According to Shane Conroy, of Real Estate Copywriting Online the perfect property brand personality is created using a mix of professional property photography and carefully crafted copy – with the two having the potential to combine and create an aspirational identity for any home for sale.

Conroy’s point seems to be that lifestyle marketing must be a holistic process –  there is no point in having great professional real estate copy written about your property if you can’t back it up with amazing professional property photography – and vice versa.

So what can the professional property photographer do to really bolster the brand? Here’s a few thoughts…

Capture the Details – They Make the Difference

Property photography helps buyer to connect.

While recent studies have found that certain lifestyle keywords (think hardwood floors and big brand kitchen appliances) can improve the response to online property adverts, these words are doubly powerful when coupled with a visual reference – so make sure there are images available.

Take a detail of that amazing ceiling rose, that original brass door knocker or the one-off tiles in the Victorian fireplace – the buyer is desperate for these details and they help to mark a home out as unique and desirable.

Set a Scene and Make the Most of Mood

A good property photographer knows that an interior photo shoot showcases more than just the spaces – perfect home marketing pictures excite the imagination and allow the house hunter to create and imagine attractive scenarios that would only be possible if they purchased the property.

With this in mind all interior and exterior images should be staged to suggest the home at its very best. Carefully placed props and the right lighting are key prompts that will help the viewer connect to the property’s life enhancing potential.

Be Implicit not Explicit

Property Photography with Open Fire

Property Photography with Open Fire

Professional property photographers need to be able to see the bigger picture. While a house for sale might currently be occupied by a young family, the next buyer could well be a career-focussed young couple – so it is important that the images presented leave room for potential purchasers to overlay their own impressions of an attractive lifestyle. With this in mind potential uses for spaces are best implied in imagery rather than being fully staged as flexibility is the key to creating a connection with a wider audience.

Use Interior Photography to Boost YOUR Property Brand

Whatever kind of home you have for sale, using property photos as part of a brand building exercise is a great way to boost your appeal by offering an aspirational product that really appeals to a property buying audience.