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It’s always the way, you’ve booked professional property photographers to shoot your home for sale, but the skies are grey and overcast, meaning your exterior shots will be drab and uninviting… right?

WRONG! Did you know that one of the amazing things that an expert property photographer is able to do when shooting your home is to recreate bright conditions using professional lighting and later edit in a sky that matches with the mood they have expertly created?

It’s true, editing skies is such common practice in the creation of images to help sell homes that there is even an online library of suitable skies for professional property photographers to choose from when fiddling with property shots in post production.

Photo Editors Using Pre-Shot Skies

Professional property photographers can choose from a selection of pre-shot skies with everything from bright cloudless blues, to fluffy white cloud clichés or stunning yellow-streaked sunsets.

The library, put together by the kind people at the Photography for Real Estate blog, is testament to the growing popularity of this photo-editing technique, now commonly used to make photos of homes for sale seem more appealing.

Property Photographers CAN Edit Unsightly Skies

And, unlike some property photo editing practices (for example, editing out material damage to property or removing immovable objects) re-skying an image is generally accepted as an ethically sound property marketing practice – after all – the photographer could just as easily have showed up on a sunny day, right?!

But while professional property photographers do have a superb and comprehensive gallery available to them, you still need to think carefully about the sky you use in your property pix and what it says about your home. Following a few simple rules can help you get a great sky without putting off the property buying punters!

Be Realistic!

If a sunset is not visible from a window don’t allow one to be photshopped into a property picture – this strays into the realms of unethical editing. Also it is important that the sky you choose for your home is at least in some way representative of what buyers are likely to see – you might want to consider snapping some skies when the sun is shining just in case you get a grey day for your shoot – just remember that the pictures should have a good high resolution for professional use.

Make it Match

While a professional property photographer may be able to recreate sunny conditions using lighting during your home photo shoot, the lights will not stretch to the surroundings, so skies should not be edited over surrounding scenery if the result will be incongruous – a recent clanger we spotted on a popular property portal showed a lake reflecting an overcast day, topped by an edited in bright blue sky – D’OH!

Think Interior and Exterior

For a cohesive representation of the property you want there to be a flow through the set of interior and exterior property images – so if you ask for an edit the skies outside, remember you will need to check what is seen through the windows as well.