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When you book a professional property photographer to come and shoot your home for marketing materials you really want to be sure that you are getting your money’s worth and that the expert will spend as much time as possible actually creating great images of your home for sale.

But if you are not “photographer ready” before they arrive, you may end up losing time out of your shoot carrying our small preparatory tasks that could have been done in advance of the photographer’s arrival – meaning you are paying for a professional to be on site and not using their expertise for all of that time.

So how can you avoid wasting valuable time that a professional property photographer could be using to create amazing property marketing images? By being “photographer ready” of course!

How Should I Prepare for Property Photography?

If you are asking yourself this question and are unsure as to what being “photographer ready” really entails, then don’t worry – both your estate agent (if you are using one) and your professional property photographer will be able to advise you on what steps to take in order to ensure you are suitably prepped for your property shoot.

General rule that apply to most properties include:

  • Ensure the property is clean and fresh  – you may wish to give spaces a fresh lick of neutral paint or to employ a professional cleaning service in advance of your home photo shoot – just make sure that it looks clean and appealing.
  • Remove unnecessary clutter – decluttering is an essential part of the property selling process, but some sellers don’t realise it needs to be donw at the start of the process – not simply when viewings begin. Pre-pack and send unnecessary items to storage.
  • Depersonalise – this can be anything from the removal of family photos to changing colour schemes that have the potential to polarise. A recent post over on PFRE (The Photography for Real Estate blog) also suggests that sellers may wish to consider removing conspicuous religious symbols in order not to alienate potential purchasers of a different faith.

Additional ways of making your property “photographer ready” include:

  • Home staging – some homes really benefit from a bit of professional intervention in terms of their interiors. Home stagers can place furnishings, art and ornaments in a way that really shows a property at its full potential. In smaller spaces, for example, a home stager may place scaled down furnishings to help create feeling of space, while carefully positioned feature pieces can draw attention to plus points and away from possible pitfalls.
  • Landscaping – if you are really wanting property photos to show your home at its absolute peak, then don’t forget the exterior. Seeking advice from a garden designer can help you to really maximise the appeal of outside spaces and get them looking amazing in advance of your exterior property photography.

If you are still at a loss as to how you can ensure that your own home for sale is fully photographer ready before the day of your home marketing photography shoot, contact your photographer and agent and ask them what you ought to be doing beforehand – following a few instructions in advance can really help to get the very best out of a shoot.

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