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Property Marketing Web Content Must Go Mobile

UK property marketing firms may be missing a trick when it comes to technology, according to IT experts.

A top IT solutions provider has said that estate agents could be missing out on opportunities to connect with around half their potential clients – because they do not have mobile technologies in place.

Estate Agents Without Mobile Web are Missing Opportunities

According to Richard Murray, director of IT company Eurolink, not having a mobile web site or app could be affecting agents chances of creating leads – since 45% of the online audience already uses mobile devices to access information.

While most property marketing firms are aware of the importance of their internet operations (after all, nine out of ten house hunts are now believed to begin online) many have not yet taken he step of converting their content into an easily accessible format for mobile devices – meaning that house hunters on the go are bouncing away from their sites in favour of those that have been optimised for a mobile audience.

Expert Advises Property Marketing Firms to Make Content Mobile

As a result, property marketing companies are being advised to consider looking into making their online info more accessible to potential clients on the go – an investment that Mr Murray believes will result in good returns.

He said: “Providing mobile formatted or mobile specific content can increase customer conversions by 75 per cent.” Adding: “The possibilities for client communication here are conducive to increasing conversion rates and customer relationship development.”