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Property Marketing Pros Question Worth of Agent Ratings

Property marketing professionals in the US have questioned the validity of a new web based agent rating service, which aims to offer sellers an insight into real estate agents skills and performance.

NeighborCity’s AgentMatch service, which launched last month, uses property marketing professionals listing and transaction history to create a profile of their professional performance.

Real Estate Agent Profiles Created Using Algorithm

Agent profiles include figures such as properties sold, prices achieved and length of time properties remained on the market. The data is taken from publicly available information and results are filtered through the site’s specially created algorithm to create a ranking for each agent compared to others in their area.

And while NeighborCity claim that the results are “the most objective and relevant rankings of realtors in your area” a number property marketing professionals have gone on the record to say that the figures listed on the site do not match their actual achievements, and have questioned whether the site can rival the real life recommendations on which they have long relied.

Facts and Figures Ignore User Experience

Their opinion is echoed by the professional body representing them, with the Realtors Association spokesman Walt Money explaining that facts and figures simply don’t tell the whole story.

“The most important criteria are reputation, trustworthiness, and knowledge of the market,” he asserts.