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Property Marketing Professionals Voted Best Dressed Workers

Workers in the field of property marketing have come out on top of a list of best dressed professionals – beating lawyers, bankers and news readers.

A survey commissioned by workwear retailer High and Mighty discovered that more than four out of 10 people surveyed considered property marketing professionals to be the smartest turned out workers. Estate agents received 42% of the vote, while those working in legal and financial fields polled 39% and 32% respectively.

Property Marketing People Present Smart Appearance

The result is unlikely to come as a big surprise to those who make a living selling homes – many of whom work hard to present a smart, professional appearance, in the belief that their turnout reflects on their business competence and gives them more clout with the client.

A quick trawl of the property marketing networking site ActiveRain reveals that many real estate professionals believe that clothing is key when it comes to selling houses, but also indicates the estate agents ability to tailor their turnout to the needs of their clients – with many admitting that they change their outfits depending on the type of property they are showing or the kind of client they are meeting.

Image Important for Estate Agents

Image, it seems, has always been a big deal for property marketing professionals, as agent Bob Deal explained to the Realty Times when the issue of dress code arose a few years back. “”What we wear and how we look tells our clients more about us than we realise,” He said. “Our appearance can communicate our sense of paying attention to details, level of success, desire to accomplish our clients goals, our feelings about ourselves and our profession.”