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Property Marketing Professionals Using Web Video to Sell Communities

Enterprising estate agents who understand the importance of social media marketing are expanding their web video operations to market entire areas as part of a comprehensive property marketing plan.

Agents Expand Social Media Marketing

Early adopters of social media marketing have already seen the benefits of using sites such as YouTube to offer access to web video, videoettes and virtual tours featuring homes they have for sale. Now, with the housing market suffering from the effects of the current economy, some savvy salespeople have decided to expand their online offerings to include lifestyle marketing for entire communities, helping to bring more buyers into their area.

Lifestyle Property Marketing Videos Bring in New Buyers

One pioneer of this new wave for web video is New Jersey real estate agent, Sharon Steele, who has used her YouTube channel to upload a series of magazine style web video segments – covering the selling points of the communities her agency covers.  The internet-aware agent backs up her web video efforts with a strong social media presence – with Facebook and Twitter profiles pushing her posts and a personal blog expanding on the ideas behind her offerings.

Speaking on her own blog Sharon says: “Over the past few years I have been able to develop an exceptional social media presence. Whether a person’s needs are immediate or long term, the relationships I am able to develop are strengthened through my use and understanding of new media outlets.”