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Property Marketing Pointers – Could Your House be a Holiday Home?

When you live in a house it is so easy to get used to the status quo, and to see it simply as what it is and no more.

But when you place you home up for sale, and the time comes for careful property marketing, it is important to consider other ways it could be used in order to broaden the appeal of your efforts.

One aspect you may wish to consider, depending on where you live, is whether your home might make a good holiday rental property – as this can help attract investors.

Staycation Surge Helps Sell Picturesque Properties

Recent figures reveal that the rise of the “staycation” (where British households choose to holiday at home instead of going overseas) has pushed up demand for rental homes in traditional holiday areas, such as Devon and Cornwall – with some places reporting a predicted 20% rise in occupancy over the summer months.

How to Sell Your “Holiday” Home

This means that homes in popular spots could well be marketed to the second home and rental crowd. While it is important not to alienate any potential buyers by being over specific when pitching your property – following a few simple tips when preparing property marketing materials can help plant the seed of potential in the minds of househunters.

  • Consider the Decor: You want your home to have a look that suggests it is a great place for rest and relaxation. Clean, declutter and opt for clean neutrals with accents that are in keeping with the surrounding area.
  • Outdoors is Important: When property photography takes place ensure that the photographer is briefed to give the exterior equal billing – taking care to capture any special or sea views.
  •  Emphasise Accommodation: Make sure that property marketing materials clearly spell out rooms that could serve as bedrooms (even if they are currently used for something else) investors like to know what size groups properties will accommodate.