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Property Marketing May Need to Target Women – Survey Reveals

Property marketing efforts should be directed at women, it seems, after research discovered that females are the driving force behind the majority of home moves.

A recent survey by property website Zoopla found that three in five decisions to trade in a home for a new property were made by women – with many of these being driven by so called “property envy”.

According to the research published this month, women are twice as likely as men to be influenced into making a move after seeing and coveting their friends’ perfect properties.

Women Play ‘Pivotal Role’ in Property Moves

The Zoopla survey looked at the motivation behind the home moves of more than 3,500 UK households and uncovered that women played the pivotal role in 60% of relocation decisions – meaning that property marketing tailored to the desires of the demographic could yield results for sellers.

However, it seems that much of what has become accepted as traditional property marketing practice is already leaning in that direction with homely home staging and property photography or virtual tours that offer the opportunity to make an emotional connection being, at least on anecdotal evidence, more likely to influence the female buyer.

Importance of Aesthetics and Atmosphere

Marketing experts often err towards aesthetics when targeting a female audience – choosing pleasing designs and calm colours to bring in female buyers, while stores have also been known to create a  supposedly “female friendly” atmosphere using soft lighting and dressing similar to that employed by home staging experts.

However, estate agents will need to be wary of patronising potential female buyers, and great marketing will need to be backed by a strong product if they are to secure a sale from this savvy market section.