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Every property marketing professional knows that it is important that a home stands out from the crowd when view by potential purchasers, and one Dutch home sales company has taken this theory to the extreme, offering house hunters a white knuckle ride through one of their homes for sale.

Estate Agents Offer House Viewers Unique Opportunity

Property marketing company ABN AMRO of The Netherlands built a roller coaster in one of their homes for sale and treated all those who showed up to view the property to a ride. The video shows house hunters boarding the coaster carriages before being taken on a whistlestop tour of the property for sale, with the track running up from the basement garage space into the homes living areas, before exiting a first floor window and finishing with a fast descent back to ground level.

Viral Clip Contains Elements of Traditional Property Video

The clip, which went viral when released last year, combined the innovative exploit with all the  elements of a traditional property video created for marketing purposes, including nice clean shots of a glossy fitted kitchen and airy conservatory area, glimpsed from the point of view of the roller coaster rider in panning shots as the carriage passed.

According to publicity surrounding the property marketing stunt, the coaster was actually built in one of the property marketing firm’s homes for sale, with the home selected in the town of Ermelo having already been on the market for six months before the unique property video and viewing opportunity was offered.

Stunts Increase Exposure for Homes for Sale

The roller coaster ride was just one of a number of stunts and techniques used over a month where the estate agents dedicated themselves to increasing exposure for the properties on their portfolio.

Other property marketing techniques employed by the home selling experts at ABN AMRO included Facebook ads for property, bus stop posters to help sell houses and airborne adverts pulled by aeroplane to help raise the profile of homes for sale.

“We are doing this to help our clients sell their house more quickly,” a representative of the firm confirmed.

Video Part of Move Towards Viral Property Marketing

While it is not known if the viral property video was helpful in securing a buyer for the home in question, there is no question that films that gain internet fame can really help to boost exposure of houses for sale and are a powerful weapon in the property marketing arsenal, with agencies going to greater and greater lengths to create clips that will pique interest in their properties.

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