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In the age of the internet, with most property searches taking place online, you could be forgive for thinking that property brochures are something of an anachronism.

But with careful planning, printed property brochures can continue to fulfil a vital role on your property marketing campaign, and provide the link between the immediacy of internet marketing and the consumer’s desire for a concrete connection with a potential purchase.

What Makes a Good Property Brochure?

Back when they had to monopoly on information, estate agents could get away with handing over a couple of A4 sheets printed with self-snapped property pictures and a cliché ridden description.

Those days are gone.

In the people powered property market of today, each element of a home marketing campaign must complement the others, as well as contributing to a slick overall image.

And the property brochure is an important part of that, as a long as all the essential elements are in place. You need:

  • Great Property Photography: Images are all important and if you are spending money on printing a property brochure, you want to make sure that your property photography is interiors magazine quality. Using professional shots and combining general views with details can create an aspirational feel and feed the desire of the potential purchaser.
  • Quality Printing: When a house hunter holds your property brochure in their hands, they are subconsciously equating the quality of that to the quality of the home in question and flimsy printer paper simply can’t cut it. Employ a professional printer and consult on all elements from printing to binding to create a property brochure product that accurately represents what is on offer. Some property marketers have even gone as far as creating coffee table books that serve a dual purpose as a souvenir/area guide for those who commit to buy.
  • Online Integration: Hard copy brochures can reach people in a place that technology cannot. They have a physical presence a reassuring tangibility, combine this with the interactive power of the internet and you are onto a winner. While the brochure should be capable of standing alone in the event of you chancing across a pre-historic house hunter, it should also clearly signpost the way to online content such as 360 virtual tours, interactive floor plans and contact points for those in charge of your property sale. 

Hard Copy Create a Connection for House Hunters

While some people might consider that, in a world of mobile internet and tablet tapping, the property brochure is an endangered species, taking a slightly different approach to this home sale staple can help your property to stand head and shoulders above the competition and make a really strong and positive impression.