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The order in which estate agents choose to show homes for sale during a day of viewing can have an impact on buyers property purchases, a professor has revealed.

Columbia University’s Dr Sheena Lyengar studied how the order choices are offered in can affect buyer behaviour and discovered that homes at the beginning and end of a showing schedule are most likely to make a positive and memorable impact on potential purchasers.

Property Marketing Pros Can Influence Buyer Behaviour

The author of “The Art of Choosing” explains that buyer behaviour can be influenced by a couple of phenomena:

PRIMACY: The first property that house hunters view will set the standard against which all subsequent showings are judged. If an estate agent believes the home ticks all the buyer’s boxes showing it first can make it an even stronger contender.

RECENCY: Homes shown closest to the time when a choice needs to be made have a good chance of performing well during the decision making process. When a day full of viewings comes to an end homes seen recently (most notably the last of the day) will be freshest in the memory of the house hunter  – giving them an advantage over others.

Tailor Showing Schedules to Highlight Homes

The professor also advocates tailoring viewing schedules so that viewers are in the best frame of mind to view the properties you want to push – and says: “The important point is to show them the properties that you want to impress on them, at the points when they have energy.”