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Property marketing companies are more aware than anyone of the fact that image is everything.

From their slick offices, to their well-groomed staff and the perfectly presented properties on their books, estate agents are aware of the importance of the public’s perception.

So they must be feeling frustrated to discover that the people who could potentially purchase their properties may be turning their back on home ownership as a result of poorly presented mortgage websites.

According to a recent survey by Global Reviews, poor quality lender websites could be “holding back” the UK property market.

UK House Hunters Turned Off by Online Issues

The research firm examined people’s experience of online mortgage lenders and discovered that the average UK consumer was often turned off by issues with internet mortgages.

According to the results, a mere 12% of people who has used an online mortgage site would be willing to recommend it to friends or family, while more than half would actively try to discourage others from seeking home finance online – a situation that could be putting people off attempting to get on the property ladder or upgrade their home.

Social Media Sharing Spreads Poor Reviews

Rebecca Jennings of Global Reviews said that the power of social media could also be contributing to a negative attitude to online lending as users share their experiences over the internet. She explained that mortgage lenders needed to address a number of aspects of their web design and experience in order to have a positive impact on property marketing.

The company recommended that lenders should look at the way they direct consumers to mortgage products, the clarity of the product costs and fees, the ease of use of their applications and the communication throughout the process.

Ms Jennings said making changes “could provide a welcome boost to the UK property market.”