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Yes, it’s that time of year again, chocolate eggs and bonnets abound and we are well aware that spring has sprung!

So, in keeping with the spirit of the season we’ve decided to produce an unapologetically Easter-y post on our favourite subject – property marketing!

So without further ado here is our gratuitous Easter pun filled guide to the property marketing process!

  1. HATCH a plan to sell your home! When you decide to move it really helps to sit down and plan how you will achieve your aims. Preparing your home properly for the property marketing process is the first step to a successful and stress free sale.
  2. Enlist help to EGGSECUTE your plan! From getting friends on board to help with a declutter and decor freshen, to booking a professional property photographer to registering with the right estate agency, you need a great team around you if you want to keep the property marketing process as pain free as possible.
  3. Keep it CHIC(K)! When it comes to home sales, looks really are important. Consider giving your home a chic pre-sale makeover. This will help you to create eyecatching interior images that are one of the most important tools in the online estate agents arsenal – giving you the edge on other homes for sale in your area.
  4. Don’t be a HOT CROSS seller! While it is widely acknowledged that selling your home and moving house is one of the most stressful life experiences that you can subject yourself too, losing your cool is only going to make it harder. Try and keep the property sale in perspective and don’t let the small and inevitable hiccups of a home sale threaten your sanity!
  5. SHELL out where necessary! There are some expenses that it is impossible to avoid when you are selling your home, and while we are all for saving pennies where possible, we would always advise sellers not to cut corners where it counts. Professional property photography may cost a little extra, but professional property pictures pay for themselves in the end!
  6.  Always go the EGGSTRA mile! From lighting your house for viewings, to using home scenting to achieve a home sale there are a huge number of homeselling tips that vendors can follow to help shift their property. Putting in a little extra effort at this stage of the property marketing process can help achieve a better offer in the end.
  7. Contact Photoplan for help and be a happy BUNNY! Wherever you are in the property marketing process, the photoplan team are on hand to advise on how you can up your home-sale game. Whether you are looking to update your imagery, create a custom 360 virtual tour or entice buyers in with interactive floorplans – we can help you access the tools to achieve your home sale.