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Photoplan Teams Up with Tour Wrist to Offer Exciting New Apps

Last month we featured an article about the new Tour Wrist virtual tour app with its exciting implications in the property marketing field – and many others besides.

We loved the way the app allowed users to truly interact with what they were seeing and saw great potential for its use as a tool for showcasing all kinds of spaces. We instantly envisaged how Tour Wrist could be used to promote homes for sale, leisure venues and outdoor attractions or even for marketing luxury consumables such as cars, boats and planes – we realised that for Tour Wrist the sky really is the limit!

Official Tour Wrist Reseller

Indeed, here at Photoplan we were so impressed with what the Tour Wrist developers had come up with that we knew we had to get involved. Just a month later we are pleased to announce that we have become an official reseller of Tour Wrist packages – offering our clients the opportunity to create their own mobile applications within the Tour Wrist platform that can be rebranded to their own organisation for online sharing, mobile internet, social media, microsites and more

As an approved outlet for this innovative marketing tool, Photoplan can now work with customers to create enticing Tour Wrist apps, which will allow existing clients and potential customers to experience whatever businesses want to share through this unique new cyber-window on the world.

App is Valuable Addition to Marketing Arsenal

Photoplan managing director Ben Gutierrez believes that the app is a valuable addition to our already impressive arsenal of online marketing and promotional products, which also includes professional property photography, social media management and the creation of custom microsites.

He said: “When we learned about the Tour Wrist app and what it could do, we knew we had to get involved to make it easier for our clients to access this amazing technology. As official resellers we can help businesses make the most of this exciting new innovation that will allow them to connect with their customers on a whole new level.”