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People “Crave” Property News!

It’s one of the great plus points for those in the property marketing business – the public is hungry to hear about homes.

Consumers love to search property websites whether or not they are currently actively seeking a new home, newspapers and news websites contain sections dedicated to the world of property and even glossy magazines feature property stories, offering glimpses into the homes of the rich and famous complete with envy-inducing property photography!

Property Stories Sell Houses

So it should come as no surprise that property marketing specialists are now realising that the story sells – and using it to their clients’ advantage.

Some savvy agents have created their own, and even property-specific blogs, to help create an insight into the lifestyle for sale with a home on the market and just this week Australian marketing firm Rogers Digital has begun to offer its home selling customer s a creation and syndication services for the stories behind their property sales – giving agents and vendors the chance to create additional interest in homes beyond that arising from the limited listing format of their chosen listing site.

Every Home for Sale Has a Story

Site founder Greg Rogers explained: “Real estate always has a story. It could be the owner, the design, the location or the potential for capital gain or income from rental. Other property could suit renovators.”

He added: “People want the news and we want agents to supply us with their latest, cheapest, best or highest income properties. People crave property news”