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You already understand how important property images are when it comes to selling houses:

  • Property images grab buyer attention.
  • Professional property photos showcase a home’s unique appeal.
  • Pictures of homes for sale complement verbal descriptions of homes and allow buyers to see for themselves.
  • Interior images allow house hunters to explore the property and create a connection.

But are you REALLY getting the best out of the property photography you are using online?

Are the professional property shots uploaded to your listings working on more than one level? Are they helping online property searchers to find your homes for sale?

Do You Optimise Property Images Online?

If you make sure you fully optimise your online images for search then the answer to this question is probably YES!

But, just in case a big thought bubble with a question mark in it appeared above your head as you read that last sentence, here is our quick guide to getting the most out of your property photography when using it online.

How to Optimise Property Photos for SEO.

You may well be familiar with the concept of SEO (that’s search engine optimisation to the uninitiated) for your onsite copy – ensuring that your text includes words that your preferred audience may be using in their searches through engines such as Google – but SEO does not stop there – and images can be easily optimised too, helping to push your property pages up the search results and ultimately exposing your homes for sale to a wide audience.

Following a few simple steps when uploading images to your property search can help search giants like google better categorise your content, meaning it is more likely to be served up to searchers.  Try these suggestions to improve your property photos’ search performance:

  • Naming Files: Camera’s give shots generic numerical names. Before you upload pictures to go with listings be sure to rename them using keywords that reflect the home’s USPs. Consider using  relevant property power words that have been shown to perform well online!
  • Scale and Size: Massive picture files affect page load times – so scale your images accordingly. File sizes can also be reduced, but do this in an app that doesn’t compromise on quality.
  • Alt Text: This is the text that will be served up as an alternative when, for whatever reason, the image is not available, but it presents another opportunity to insert your keywords/ property power words – always make sure this field is filled in a relevant fashion.
  • Caption: Not only helpful to the viewer in pinpointing the image’s position within the property on sale, the caption is yet another place that Google will look for clues as to what your page is really about. Make sure you use this opportunity to list the appealing features that appear in the picture.
  • Placement: While interspersing images and copy is not necessarily the norm in property marketing circles, estate agents might want to give it a go as placing well tagged images next to relevant copy appears to boost the appeal of both to search engines helping to push you into the search results, and consciousness, of your target audience.