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Internet users are enjoying an online game which allows them to buy and sell virtual property, while familiarising them with an estate agent’s brand.

The “Property Moguls” game is the brainchild of Century 21 Australia, and was influence by popular social media games styles, where players live out scenarios in a virtual world, completing tasks and managing their assets for the best possible outcome.

After seeing how poplar games like “Farmville” and “Cafe World” had become on social media platforms such as Facebook, the company decided to created their own property based version of the virtual experience.

Game Provides Property Market Grounding

While offering users a fun online experience, the game also provides a grounding in the basics of property purchase, as well as introducing players to the Century 21 Australia brand and encouraging offline interaction with the company.

Chairman and owner of Century 21 Australasia Charles Tarbey told Global Property Guide: “Century 21 Australia developed Property Mogul as a fun way for people to interact with our brand and learn about the fundamentals of buying and selling real estate.”

Growing Appetite for Real Estate Apps

And their efforts seem to have been successful as, since its launch last year, the online real estate game has attracted more than 15,000 users who made more than $3.4trillion (AUD) worth of virtual transactions – more than the country’s real national property market has managed to generate in the same period.

Mr Tarbey added: “The success […] demonstrates the public’s growing appetite for fun, technology-based, real estate applications.”