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Last year we reported on artists creating novelty floorplans depicting the layout of fictional homes that feature on popular TV show – but it turns out that the novelty niche is now dogged with legal wrangles after rival artists clashed over copyright ownership.

Floor Plan Pictures Row

According to Australia’s Herald Sun, one artist who began creating the floor plan art as a hobby, has now received legal warnings from another creator of similar pieces who accuses him of infringing copyright laws.

The floor plans – which are are depicted in the style of architectural drawings with added details to help identify them as being the spaces we are familiar with seeing on our TV sets – have become the centre of an ugly online battle – which has resulted in the removal of some of the interior-depicting images being removed from websites.

Numerous Architectural Artists Working Online

But with the growth of social media sharing and global connectivity meaning that ideas and inspiration spread across the globe faster than ever before, is it any surprise that a quick trawl of the web uncovers a number of architectural artists who are  creating similar pieces for public display and purchase?

In order to be representative of spaces – floorplans must conform to a prescribed layout – meaning it would be difficult for artists to create works that differed too significantly from one another while working in the same genre – a fact that is stressed the accused artist who denies copying the complainant.