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Virtual tour platform TourWrist has unveiled its latest capture technology, which developers believe will be perfect for destination marketing.

The spherical 360 capture application will allow users to “paint” 360 virtual tours by simply waving their smartphone across a scene – a process that creates unrivalled opportunities for user generated content, according toTourWrist founder and CEO Charles Armstrong.

“For travel companies, imagine the UGC possibilities,” he said.

Free Tour Tech for Resorts, Hotels and holiday Rentals

Because the new developments chime so well with the needs of destination marketers, Tour Wrist has decided to offer resorts, hotels and holiday rental companies $2m worth of virtual tour capture and viewing technology – as long as they sign up before the end of this year.

Often referred to as the “YouTube of virtual tours”,  TourWrist is the world’s leading virtual tour platform that works across technologies – from iPad to Android – to offers an unrivalled virtual visit experience.

Award Winning Virtual Tour Innovator

The company is a multi-award-winning virtual tour innovator, and is ranked as the number one app of its kind in more than 80 countries worldwide.

A spokesman for Photoplan said: “We have always been pleased and proud to work with TourWrist as an official app developer and reseller, and are excited by the new additions to the brand.

“Virtual tours are the perfect platform for destination marketing, and we look forward to helping clients within this industry develop their own virtual presence.”