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A soon-to-launch smartphone will bring new panoramic photo capabilities to every users palm, it was announced yesterday

Details of the Nexus 4 android handset were revealed by Google yesterday – and included promises of a camera tool that developers believe will revolutionise mobile panoramic photography.

The hanset incorporates a new panoramic camera tool called Photo Sphere, which the company says will allow users to capture images that are “larger than life.”

According to their publicity materials, Photo Sphere can capture images in all directions, which are then stitched to provide perfect panoramic.

Google said that the tool: “Snaps shots up, down and in every direction to create stunning 360-degree immersive experiences.”

New Immersive Imagery Tool “Surpasses All Others”

According to Google’s Hugo Barra, the tool, which will be incorporated into the handsets made by LG, surpasses any similar technology on the market.

“Photo Sphere lets you create photos that are richer and more immersive than anything that has ever come out of a mobile device,” he said.

The technology takes its inspiration from the 360 views on offer in the familiar Google Street View format – and the 360 images created allow users to navigate through the captured scene, looking up or down to reveal more of the surroundings.

Simplifying the Creation of 360 Virtual Tours

The technology has important implications for property marketing, since its availability will simplify the creation of 360 virtual tours making them even more accessible to estate agents and home sellers.

Photoplan managing director Ben Gutierrez commented: “We are always excited to learn about new tools that can help people improve their imagery for property marketing and are looking forward to exploring the capabilities of this new photo tool when it is released in mid-November.

“In the meantime people seeking 360 virtual tours and immersive imagery for their marketing should contact us for advice on how this can be achieved.”