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Looking to sell a luxury property? Then you need to be extravagant about your marketing, according to industry insiders.

Whether it is your property videos, your property viewings or your open house plan that you want to really capture the imagination of a potential purchaser, the key advice for estate agents and vendors in the current market seems to be to think BIG… and BOLD.

Emerging Trend for Extravagant Property Marketing

Extravagance is the latest trend to emerge onto the luxury property marketing scene, with agents using a range of exciting aspirational techniques to tempt luxury house hunters to make an offer.

According to property marketing website Domain.com, when it comes to marketing prime property bigger is better, with a range of extravagant property marketing ploys becoming more and more common at the top end of the market.

Extravagant Gestures Can Help Secure Property Sales

Anecdotal evidence points to a wide range of extravagant property marketing gestures being used to help secure a sale, with agents and buyers reporting experiences ranging from helicopter aerial viewings to big-budget lifestyle property videos to elite open houses where potential purchasers rub shoulders with the cream of society while enjoying fine wines and award-winning foods.

Practical Side to Extravagant Property Marketing

UK Helicopter viewing company Atlas’s website demonstrates that some extravagances also have a practical implication in the property marketing process and explains: “Travelling to a viewing via helicopter also gives you a unique opportunity to inspect and evaluate the property, its courtyard & grounds, and the surrounding area from the air.

An aerial perspective will help you view the entirety of larger estates in a matter of seconds, but will also help you to identify any problems with the property that you might miss on the ground (such as potential for flooding in the future).”

Using Extravagant Marketing Techniques to Evoke Emotion

Other extravagant gestures, however are simply about evoking the right emotions. Speaking to the Los Angeles Times (is there any surprise that La La Land is where this trend originated?) Estate agent Rayni Williams explained a recent  decision to market a luxury property using a lifestyle property video that cost $40K to produce.

She said: “Regular marketing doesn’t work any more. We’re appealing to a more sophisticated and savvy group of buyers. We’re taking it to a whole other level.”

Luxury Property Buyers Looking for a Lifestyle

While another agent admits to throwing family picnics beside the pool at multi-million dollar properties to give potential purchasers a taste of the high life and inviting house hunters to enjoy a champagne sunset in order to help seal a sale.

Justifying the extravagance David Kramer explains: “When you’re selling a house like this, what they’re looking for is lifestyle.”