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Take a peek at Twitter or Instagram today and you’ll find that one of the top trending hashtags is #Moodbooster  – but how can this little slice of zeitgeist actually help you to improve your property marketing?

Well, it’s simple, #moodbooster marketing (ooh, we like the sound of that) is all about tapping into the details that make people feel good in order to benefit from the resulting positive mindset, which can be powerful in influencing purchase decision – even for something as important as a property.

And while #moodbooster posting on social networks might be a new phenomenon  –  property sales pros have long been aware of the pschchological power of #moodbooster techniques, taking property marketing pointers from them since homes sales began.

For example, a quick trawl of images carrying the hashtag reveals that many social media users consider a cup of coffee to be a great #moodbooster – while estate agents and savvy home sellers have long used the scent of fresh coffee to create a welcoming feel to a home for sale and put potential purchasers in a positive frame of mind before beginning their tour.

Carrying out a quick and totally unscientific analysis of the postings under the hashtag, we reckon that #Moodboosters can be broken down into three key groups – and learning how to tap into their influence is a great way to boost the appeal of your home – check out our moodboosting property marketing pointers below:


Lots of snaps of friendships under the #Moodbooster tag and  socialising is an important part of self esteem. In  home selling terms this means you need to make it clear your space is a good place be with the people that make you feel good about yourself. Subtle ways of doing this include setting the table for a dinner party and arranging seating in a way that is conducive to conversation.



sprinkles Hello DarlinWe counted more than a few cupcakes carrying the #moodbooster tag, as well as some more exotic edibles. Food is powerful, and you can use it to help your home sale. Use these three tips to make the most of its power.

1: The Sweet Smell of Success: Consider baking cakes or bread for comforting, appealing and subtle home scenting.

2: A Taste of Home: If you are holding an open house or viewing  consider offering a homely snack that will make viewers feel “at home” in your house. This can be tailored to the season, so think mulled wine and mince pies at Christmas or ice cold homemade lemonade in the heat of summer.

3: Get Fresh: You can use food to convey a sense of freshness – think bowls of fresh fruit in the dining room or fresh seasonal veg on display in the kitchen. It is no coincidence that supermarket shopper have to enter through the produce aisle – marketers know that fruit and veg convey the feelgood and fresh factor!

family Bill BransonFamily

Kids are the world’s natural moodboosters  -and images of their antics seems to cheer everyone up. This is not to say you should allow YOUR little ones free rein when people view your property.

However, if you are marketing a family property make it clear your home is a great place to keep a family happy and safe. Carry out the necessary childproofing so families viewing will be able to let little ones explore and define child spaces such as bedrooms and playrooms with appropriate decor and dressing.