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Is Your Estate Agent Social Media-Savvy?

Selling homes in the modern market is about much more than simply sitting back and waiting for buyers to come calling; in our internet saturated age, social media property marketing is more important than ever. So is your agent up to scratch?

According to recent figures from social and digital media news source Mashable.com, just over half (55%) of property industry professionals feel comfortable using social media sites. However, with the internet offering perhaps the most accessible avenue of initial search for househunters every agent needs to be in tune with all that online engagement has to offer.

Tweeting Sells Homes

Of the 84% of agents Mashable say are utilising the available sites for property marketing, less than half are currently on Twitter – despite anecdotal evidence indicating carefully targeted tweets can help market homes to those most likely to buy. Indeed, for British vendor Peter Bouvier from Southampton, posting a ‘for sale’ tweet on the site last  year netted more than 30 viewings and resulted in the sale his agent had been unable to achieve, earning him the title of the ‘first British man to sell his home on Twitter’.

Facebook Popular for Property Marketing

With 79% of agents claiming a Facebook presence, buyers can perhaps be confident that their carefully created property photography portfolios will be available to view in an accessible online setting – but with an uninspiring 12% holding their own YouTube accounts, it may be sometime before sellers can expect videos featuring their 360 virtual tours to go viral.

With an estimated 85% of buyers carrying out initial searches online, a large proportion opting to do so through mobile apps, agents who cannot offer an integrated social media strategy will soon find themselves left behind, as will the sellers who opt to use their services.