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iPhone App Allows for Instant Floorplan Creation

A new version of the MagicPlan App for iPhone was rolled out this week, offering an improved experience for users and opening up possibilities for property marketing partnerships.

MagicPlan 2.0 was launched on Monday, with a range of improved features and interfaces – including a full HD iPad version.

Create Floorplans with Your Phone

The app, which allows iPhone owners to create instant floorplans by standing in the centre of a space and panning – noting corners, doorways and staircases with simple click offers the resulting plans free to individual users, but charges subscriptions for those who intend to use them commercially – like property marketing professionals.

The floorplans can be converted into a range of formats from JPEG to HTML – allowing users to view and manipulate them as they desire.

Improved Floorplan App Causing Industry Excitement

With the original version of MagicPlan downloaded by a million users, the new and improved app looks set to take the industry by storm –with partnerships already in place for a number of key industries including property marketing (the company have agreed deals with Real Tour Vision and Century 21s tech people Moobz)

The MagicPlan app, from Sensopia, is available in the app store now, while the company is offering those who make a connection on Facebook one free floorplan.