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Today is International Day of Happiness, an event instigated to help us all focus on the little things that make a big difference in our lives.

Of course, here at Photoplan, property is our focus – so we’ve decided to take a look at what makes a happy home, not least because properties with a happy vibe are much more appealing to buyers and it is our mission to help home sellers have a happy outcome!

How to Recognise Happy Houses

You’ll know a happy home as soon as you arrive, happy is the hint that you get when you spot it from the kerb and your heart leaps, or the sigh of relief as you step through the front door into a space that is warm and welcoming, or the way your heart leaps when you spot the spring blooms in the garden. And don’t forget, happy can help sell houses!

Tips for a Happy Home

With this in mind we’ve put together a little list of how you can make yours a happy home, helping you enjoy your time in situ and making it even more appealing to any house hunters who happen by!

lightLight Up, Light Up: Over the years we have become conditioned to see light as a beacon, guiding us home in both metaphorical and literal senses. Happy houses shine, quite literally, out from the crowd. Think about using solar lighting in your garden to mark the path for viewers arriving after dark, and ensure that light is visible in front windows of the house when you are waiting to show your home. Inside use a combination of ceiling lights, low level and feature lighting to help create a happy vibe for viewers.

FIRE by rick under cc license 2.0Warm Welcome: Most people tend to associate warmth and happiness. We attribute characteristics to temperatures and cold = unfriendly and unhappy. Therefore, your home should be at a welcoming temperature to set the right happy tone for viewers arriving at your home. If you have real fires then use them, a heated hearth is synonymous with happiness, and if the home is being show in your absence by an agent don’t forget to set the timer on the thermostat for a warm welcome.

Website Example - 3 - CroppedEnergy Flow: While the Feng Shui fad may be past its peak, there is a lot to be said for the design principles it embodies when trying to create a happy home. The energy of a property has a big impact on the mood it creates and the emotion it engenders, so think about what message your home is sending and remember clutter = confusion. A happy home is one where both energy, and viewers, can move freely.

Smile by ~Pawsitive~Candie_N via FlickrPositive Power: Happiness is contagious, and you can help make your house hunters happy home in a number of ways. Try  home scenting using scents based on positive notes such as vanilla (you could also just baked those clichéd cookies)  Greet viewers with a smile at the door and have positive prompts on display throughout the property for examples rt that uses positive imagery or quotes or colours that have the power to boost moods.