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Innovative iPad App to Aid US Property Marketing Professionals

Innovative real estate industry workers in the US have come up with an app that will lighten the load for real estate agents.

Developer Brett Eddy from Seattle-based Windermere Solutions will soon launch a brand new app aimed at simplifying the process of creating competitive market analyses (CMAs) – the dossiers that property marketing professionals use to demonstrate their ability to market the property in question to sellers.

App Set to Digitise Property Marketing Dossiers

Traditionally CMAs are hard copy documents comprising a huge collection of information, from recently sold homes of similar size, to other properties on the market in the area, to local features and plus points that could drive up the value of a home.

Property marketing professionals put a lot of effort into these documents, but once printed the dossiers are hard to amend or adjust – which is where the Touch CMA app comes in.

Real Estate Agents Offered CMA Solution

Using their iPad, agents will be able to quickly create tailored analyses to be viewed by their clients. Because the dossier is stored in digital form, it can be quickly amended to include additional information – for example if a neighbouring home is placed for property marketing details can be added almost instantly.

Speaking to website GeekWire in advance of next month’s app launch, Mr Eddy explained: “All of this data just shows up. You don’t have to go construct something. You don’t have to go build in Excel. You don’t have to do some of the fancy stuff. We built all of that logic for you.”