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A virtual tour is a great way of showcasing a property for sale to an online audience – but how much should your video clip or CGI rendering actually reveal about your home?

A recent survey carried out by Property Observer revealed that almost eight out of ten of people thought that using web video was a “good technique” for marketing a home – with 21% of those admitting that agents offering video tours as part of their marketing package would be more likely to win their business as a home seller or buyer with the availability of video tour technology being a “decisive factor in choosing an agent.”

What Makes the Perfect Virtual Property Tour? 

These figures show that both buyers and sellers appreciate the importance of the virtual tour in the marketing of a property, the question now is what makes the perfect virtual tour of a  property?

According to one video savvy Australian estate agent, virtual tours and web videos for property marketing should act more as a teaser or trailer, tempting potential purchasers to come and see a property for themselves.

Sean Cussell of Marshall White explained that online visual promos for properties should showcase some of a home’s attractive features and should offer a quick insight into the upsides of relocating to that area, while at the same time leaving a little to the house hunter’s imagination.

Web Video Should Whet House Hunters’ Appetites 

In this way, the property marketing pro explains, property searchers’ appetites will be whetted and they will want to find out more about the home or property featured in the virtual tour.

The estate agent warns against making virtual tours to comprehensive as there is a danger that detailed tours could convince the buyer they have already seen all the need to, and could possibly discount a property before giving themselves a chance to really create a connection.

Virtual Home Tours Should  Offer a “Brief Snapshot”

Speaking to Property Observer Mr Cussell explained: “The idea being potential purchasers view a brief snap shot of the property and its location to encourage attendance at open for inspections rather than feeling they have seen all they need on a video to decide on their interest or otherwise in the property.”

And property sellers and estate agents would be wise to heed his words since the agency appears to have found a winning formula when it comes to web video and virtual tour creation, with tens of thousands of views on the properties featured on their YouTube channel in just a few months.

Property Marketing – Virtual Tour Dos and Dont’s

DO focus on exciting and unique features of the property

DON’T show every single nook, cranny and corner


DO tease viewers with shots of aspirational elements of the home

DON’T create an entire virtual viewing and remove the need for the buyer to come and see for themselves.


DO feature a few tidbits about the area

DON’T just edit together a full virtual tour and full area guide – viewers will lose interest


DO plug viewing opportunities and open days at the end of your web video

DON’T overload the clip with too many facts an figures.


DO share virtual tours and videos through social media profiles

DON’T just post and ignore – check for comments and questions, start a conversation to be continued at the viewing.