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As advent begins and the holidays draw nearer, we take a look at how festive traditions can help you improve your property marketing practice!

Ok, so just going through the motions of the festive period might not have a direct impact on the appeal of your home, but using the traditions of the season as reminders for best property marketing practice might just help you step up your game in time for 2014.

tree2TREE: The Christmas tree is a great example of bringing a touch of nature into the home, which can help a room to feel fresh and clean. Carry on this tradition during the rest of the year by placing houseplants and fresh cut flowers throughout your home.


cardsCARDS: The cards we received from friends and family during the holidays are a great reminder of the importance of staying in touch. If you are selling your home, make sure you keep in touch with you estate agent, call in for regular updates and ask to know how they are working to sell your home. Continued contact will help prevent your property sinking to the bottom of the estate agent’s ‘to do’ pile.


decorationsDECORATIONS: Homes do look fantastic when we have taken the time to decorate them for the holidays – but we really should be ensuring they looking this inviting all year round. When your festive decorations come down take the opportunity to reassess your home decor and see if the existing staging is really what is needed to sell your home. If it comes up short make a resolution to take action!


lightsLIGHTS: Everything is illuminated at Christmas, and doesn’t it look welcoming? You want to have the same affect when you welcome potential purchasers to your property at any time of year. Look at your lighting design, ensure you have a mix of central, side an occasional light sources an ensure you are always switched on for showings.


bakingBAKING: We bake a lot at this time of year, and doesn’t it smell amazing? Remember that baking is one of the simplest forms of home scenting that can be used year-round to create a good impression on interested house hunters.



presentPRESENTS: We all know that when it comes to presents, it is what is inside that counts. So why is it we all expend so much effort on the wrapping? The answer is people want to investigate something that looks appealing – and the same is true for property. Take a tip from this festive tradition and ensure that your exterior is as appealing as what is inside


santaSANTA:  A jolly old fellow who turns up unannounced and  looks in your living room and bedrooms? Yep that’s Santa, but it could also be a viewer interested in buying your home! We all expect callers in the holiday season and our homes often look great during the holidays – try and keep them this way the rest of the time to avoid the panic that ensues when your estate agent calls with a last minute viewing!